Our staff hopes you enjoy all the wonderful photos of clients, fish, and nature taken on Sunset Glow Guide Service trips.

For information about each of the fish species listed below, including where we target them, visit the Fish Species page.

Walleye Gallery

Minnesota’s state fish

Bass Gallery

Muskie Gallery

The fish of 10,000 casts

Northern Pike Gallery

Panfish Gallery

Photos of sunfish, perch, and crappie – good eating!

Florida Peacock Bass and Other Fish Gallery

Peacock Bass, Jaguar Guapote, Mayan Cichlid, Oscar, Largemouth Bass, Gar, Bowfin

Nature and Shore Lunch Gallery

Photos of nature’s beauty and the shore lunch experience offered by our guides

Florida Nature Gallery

Sunrise / Sunset Gallery

Other Gallery

Photos of boats, other fish, surprise catches, and other miscellaneous pictures